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    Agriculture plays a very important role in the Haitian economy and constitutes the main source of income for a large part of the population. However, the Haitian agricultural sector faces many challenges, including environmental, economic and social. Here is an overview of agriculture in Haiti:

    Subsistence agriculture: The majority of Haitian farmers practice subsistence agriculture, where they grow crops primarily to feed their families. Major crops include corn, rice, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and plantains. And especially fruits like: MANGO FRANCIQUE.
    Mango Francique" is a variety of mango known for its exceptional taste and quality. It is a very popular mango cultivar in Haiti and is sometimes nicknamed the "King of Mangoes" because of its exceptional flavor. This variety of mango is particularly popular in the northern part of Haiti, especially around the city of Cap-Haitien, Gros-Morne and many other areas.

    Haiti has experienced severe deforestation, which has had detrimental effects on its agriculture. Trees are often cut down for heating, construction and agriculture, leading to soil erosion and reduced agricultural productivity.

    Haiti is prone to natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes, which can devastate crops, livestock and infrastructure, making it difficult for farmers to maintain consistent agricultural production.

    Inadequate infrastructure, such as roads, irrigation systems and storage facilities, hampers agricultural development and the ability to transport produce to markets has hampered production, with many Haitian farmers having to struggle to access credit, quality seeds, fertilizers and modern agricultural equipment, thus limiting their agricultural productivity.
    The agricultural sector in Haiti is heavily dependent on a few crops, which can lead to vulnerability to price fluctuations and natural disasters. Efforts are being made to promote crop diversification and introduce more resistant varieties.
    This is the reason why GITEC-H set up the Mazone Project
    Mazone is a web platform dedicated to agriculture in Haiti and which can play a crucial role in improving the agricultural sector in several ways.
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