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    About Gitec-h

    Who we are

    Gitec-h is a Start-up founded in 2019 by young haitian graduates in Computer Science, Communication, Industrial Engineering, and Administration. We do believe in the power of technology and we want to offer quality experiences. Our teams can take care of your technological aspects and increase the productivity of your business. We develop IT solutions such as, Website, database, management system, POS, for all kinds of Business and offers IT Services such as, Surveillance camera installations, Graphic design, design and optimization of names and We prioritize the area of ​​education and environment.

    What we do

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to promote Technology in all Sectors of our country. Haiti is a virgin country in all fields and especially in the IT field rare company, uses or has a website, a management system, a database and even surveillance cameras. All these solutions are not, especially within their reach. compared to that they didn't even go against everything they could do, the number of jobs they could create and more the amount of time they could save while better serving their customers. Our Objective, our Mission is to make it easier for all these People, Medium or Small Businesses to Benefit from the new Technology.


    Our Vision

    Our Vision is not only to sell services or create IT solutions, but it is very important for Gitec-h that our country knows the importance of IT. its Benefits and harms. This is why we prioritize education. Organizes training with children and adults. learn the benefits and harm of technology and even give them private lessons on programming, graphic design, computer networking and more. Gitec-h Would like to broaden its framework to better target people's needs and serve them better. To find out more about Gitec-h Projects, you can go to the OUR PROJECTS page.

    Brand name Creation and Improvement

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    Do you need more attention? Do you feel like your business isn’t top of mind in your community? People won’t buy from you if they don’t think of you. Gitec-h has an organized and motivated team ready to help you

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