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    Gitec-h August 31, 2023 No Comments

    Whether you’re moving or staying in your area, or simply want to change your WhatsApp number while still keeping in touch with everyone, this article is for you. It’s as simple as saying hello:

    Just follow these steps and keep in touch hassle-free:

    1. Open the WhatsApp app and go to settings by clicking the three small dots at the top right for Android users, or the “Settings” tab for iOS users.

    2. Select “Account” in the new window and then choose “Change number”.

    3. Follow the WhatsApp instructions regarding the change you are about to make then click “Next”.

    4. Provide your old number, followed by the new number, then click “Next”.

    5. The final step is to verify that your new number is correct by receiving a text message containing a confirmation code. You will then need to retrieve this code and enter it in the indicated location.

    That’s all ! By doing this, you will automatically be reinstated in all your groups and your contacts will be informed of the number change. No more saying goodbye to your WhatsApp account and starting from scratch. Keep your chats, memories and relationships intact using this simple method.

    Before you take drastic measures, take a moment to consider this clever solution. Your transition to a new WhatsApp number can be hassle-free and loss-free. Don’t forget to make a final backup before changing your number if you want to recover all your messages. Share this tip with your friends and family so they can also benefit from this handy method.


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